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    Tianjin yu da xin sheng steel co., LTD.

    宇達資訊   Tianjin yu da xin sheng steel co., LTD is a company specializing in the production of high-frequency welded rectangular tubes, welded pipe production enterprises.
    Tianjin yu da steel

    Tianjin yu da xin sheng steel co., LTD is a company specializing in the production of high-frequency welded rectangular tubes, welded pipe production enterprises. The company was established in September 2014, is located in DaQiuZhuang industrial zone, close to 104 and 104 national road, 40 kilometers away from tianjin xingang port. Its excellent geographical location provides the domestic and international market of transportation is very convenient conditions. With dry as more than 200 employees, including excellent management personnel 50 and 85

    honorary certificate

     Tianjin yu da steel trade co., LTD

    Contact: manager wang
    Q  Q:2236121215
    Address: fruits of DaQiuZhuang Town jing wang JinHai street, west side 200 meters
    Tianjin yu da xin sheng steel co., LTD
    PRODUCT  產品中心
    • A country or region for the utilization of foreign capital, develop export-oriented industry, wider to the outside world, the development of export-oriented economy.
    • Square tube, is a kind of square steel tubes, also is the equal of the steel tube length. Is the strip steel rolled through the process.
    • Galvanized pipe hot galvanizing and electricity galvanized, hot dip galvanized zinc layer thickness, coating evenly, strong adhesion, long service life, etc.
    • Brought low carbon structural steel and low alloy steel and steel rolled into a tube billet according to certain of the helix Angle, then put the pipe seam welding is made up
    • By spray, roll, dip, absorption process in the steel pipe welding on the surface of a layer of plastic anti-corrosion layer.
    • Lining is with plain carbon steel pipe as the foundation, can lined with chemical excellent thermoplastic plastics, composite or roll forming by cold drawn.
    • Galvanized steel pipe shed galvanizing and electricity galvanized, hot dip galvanized zinc coating thickness, coating uniformity, strong adhesion, long service life, etc
    • Greenhouse equipment is directly involved in the greenhouse facilities for contribution or supply the setting and the standby implements of greenhouse crop production.
    • Scaffold (scaffold) refers to the construction site for workers operation and solve the vertical and horizontal transportation and erection of all kinds of support.
    • The caseThe caseThe caseThe caseThe caseThe caseThe caseThe caseThe caseThe caseThe caseThe caseThe caseThe caseThe caseThe caseThe caseThe case
    • By the processing technology of the mechanical precision machining to remove material. Multiplication addition for quality, production, drill sets, processing essentials.
    • Welded steel pipe, also known as welded pipe, it is made of steel sheet or strip after crimp forming welding steel pipe, average length of 6 meters.
    • Solar photovoltaic bracket, is to put in a photovoltaic system, solar panel installation, fixed design special.
    • Tower accessoriesTower accessoriesTower accessoriesTower accessoriesTower accessoriesTower accessoriesTower accessoriesTower accessoriesTower accessoriesTower accessories
    • Work Angle groove is i-steel, Angle steel, channel steel and so on three sections. Channel is the cross section for the groove shape of strip steel;
    • Standard size flat rectangular building material plate, wall, ceiling or floor of the artifacts.
    • Building materials are used in civil engineering and construction engineering materials. Can be divided into structural materials, decorative materials, and some special material.
    • Fire accessoriesFire accessoriesFire accessoriesFire accessoriesFire accessoriesFire accessoriesFire accessoriesFire accessoriesFire accessoriesFire accessoriesFire accessories
    • Processing way is through a certain process and the process of converting raw materials, semi-finished products to target requirements
    • Steel structure parts include high strength bolt (anchor bolt junction points) plate, door, window, shutter, aperture, fan, fire retardant coating, etc...
    • Seamless steel pipe, welded steel pipe to pipe, wall coating of high adhesion, corrosion, food-grade health type of polyethylene powder coating.
    • According to the broken section to distinguish, according to the material and can be divided into special pipe seamless steel pipe, aluminum alloy section tube, plastic tube.
    • Aluminum template to improve the efficiency of the overall construction of the construction industry, including in building materials, greatly saves a lot of artificial arrangements
    • Highway guardrail plate using soil base, beam deformation to absorb impact energy, and force is out of control vehicle changes direction.
    • Solar accessories including solar heater, solar water heater accessories, water heater production equipment of raw materials Solar installation accessories.
    Company news
    Market economy ... 2017-09-14
      Overall construction steel market prices rose sharply, the national 25 ma……
    Distributed pho... 2017-09-14
        Speaking of distributed photovoltaic power generation and distri……
    Market economy ... 2017-09-14
     Overall construction steel market prices rose sharply, the national 25 mar……
    Industry news
    Hot dip galvani... 2017-09-14
     In order to improve the corrosion resistance of steel pipe, galvanized ste……
    Tianjin DaQiuZh... 2017-09-14
      When building greenhouses, can push the close to the wall in the sou……
    How to choose a... 2017-09-14
        According to the tianjin straight seam HanGuanChang home introdu……
    Contact us Sales calls QQ FAX

    Address:fruits of DaQiuZhuang Town jing wang JinHai street, west side 200 meters

    Contact: manager wang


    sales one department:022-59598305

    sales two department:022-59512993

    Q      Q:2236121215



    Tianjin yu da xin sheng steel co., LTD  

    Contact us
     Work Time
    Mon to Fri :8:30-17:30
    Sat to Sun :9:00-17:00
     Contact Details
    Contact:Manager wang
    address:Jing wang fruits of DaQiuZhuang Town JinHai street on the west side 200 meters
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